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[ 20 ] August 31, 2011 | Jamie

I’m not sure if my kids are just really skinny or if others have the same problems keeping their pants up. We struggle daily trying to keep their shorts and pants around their waist. I know my kids really lack a “back side” that they need to keep their pants up (thanks to their mommy who’s also booty-challenged). I am also always searching for adjustable tabs inside their pants. Sometimes I find these really adorable outfits that I know aren’t going to work simply because they don’t have those adjustable waists. Finally, I’ve found the answer. Its Bottoms Up 4 Kids. They carry a huge selection of belts that adjust to any size to fit your little one. Bottoms Up 4 Kids offers belts in solid, stripes or even metallic colors and you can even get your buckle personalized with your child’s initial.

Here are few of my favorites…

Block Letter Personalized Belt Buckles in solid orange

Block Letter in blue stripes

Silver Metallic Rhinestone Heart

How adorable is this lunch box?! They have quite a few other ones, too. I will definitely be needing these when my triplets start school…

I love fedoras for myself, so finding some in my daughters size just made my day! Now if she’d only keep hats on…

I also love their unique and really fun 3D backpacks! Check out how cute this green turtle one is…

I received a belt for each of my kids (thank you so much Bottoms Up 4Kids!) so now the Riplets can keep their pants up in style. I decided to get the boys each the Block Letter belts since they have the same initial and could swap them when needed. The boys both received striped belts (one Red, Grey, Navy & White and the other was Khaki, Grey & White). I chose to get Addison the pink metallic heart one, since she wears so much pink! I was not disappointed when they arrived. They came rolled up and neatly packaged and I was able to put them right on my kids. I love that they are so adjustable. I have had belts for them in the past that had holes to adjust, which never worked right for my kids. They were never small enough. These can adjust to any size because they have a metal clasp that grabs the belt and locks in place anywhere along the way. I’m really impressed the quality of these belts, too. They are flexible and don’t feel stiff like some belts can be. I’m happy to know my kids have choices now that they have a belt to keep it all in place.

Giveaway & Review: Animal Backpacks by BottomsUp4Kids ($25 GC)

Published by Karen of 3G2S Monday, August 29, 2011

I still have yet to discover why, but our daughter has a special affinity towards ducks. She thinks they are the cutest and most adorable things in the world. That is why it was not difficult to choose which one of the animal backpacks, offered by BottomsUp4Kids, was the perfect one for our little preschooler.

Although now offers a variety of accessories for children, this mom-owned company started off with fashion belts for kids. Now this online boutique is a source of children's backpacks, lunch bags, handbags, hair accessories, jewelry, and hats, as well as belts all designed by the owner.

This faux leather Duck Backpack is extremely soft and supple. Measuring approximately 10" x 7", this bag makes a nice roomy purse backpack, but is not large enough to hold a standard 2-pocket folder, usually required for preschool. This has become one of my daughter's favorite bags to carry because it allows her to keep her hands free to hold an adult's hand while walking, to play, and to shop.

This bag even comes with a label on which we can write my daughter's name and information, should she or her backpack ever become lost. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable to accommodate children of different sizes.

This backpack is so roomy that her brothers are always asking her to carry their toys for them when we leave the house as a family. Our daughter is always happy to oblige and wears her backpack proudly because it is not just cute and fashionable, but also useful.

These animal backpacks by BottomsUp4Kids retail for $28 each and is currently available in the Duck, a Ladybug, a pink Rabbit, and a Turtle. Visit to view their full selection of children's accessories.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to School Must Have - Bottoms Up 4 Kids Review & #Rafflecopter Giveaway

My son has a problem. He has absolutely no butt. Because of this, I have trouble finding him pants that fit right. They are either too short and show his ankles or his backside is hanging out and they are falling off. I don't like either one of those scenarios. But I can never find belts that suit his style and that he can actually get buckled on his own. If you have a child with a similar problem, then Bottoms Up 4 Kids is the perfect solution.

My kids both loved these groovy belts we received to review. My son picked out the Cut Out Star Buckle and my daughter liked the Silver Glitter Belt. I loved that their pants actually stayed up. I always have a hard time finding belts in their sizes at all, but these belts are special. They are adjustable and easy to fasten and unfasten which allows your child to easily pull their pants up and down themselves. I had a situation with my daughter when she was younger where she had on a fancy belt on and couldn't get it undone at school causing her to have an accident. You'll never have that problem with Bottoms Up 4 Kids. You can also interchange the belts and straps, which gives you endless wardrobe options. These belts are both fashionable and sensible.

In addition to their large selection of belts for both boys and girls of all ages, Bottoms Up 4 Kids also has lots of other fun accessories that kids will love to add to their back to school wardrobe. They offer knitted hats, adorable bows, cute backpacks, bracelets and more. Prices are low and shipping is quick. So check out Bottoms Up 4 Kids today and send your kids back to school in style. With Bottoms Up 4 Kids your children will never get caught with their pants down.

Bottoms Up 4 Kids Belt Review

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m guessing my daughter will be the same way. This will not prove to be a good thing as she gets older, especially when crazy aunt so-and-so gives her a snowman sweater for Xmas. Smile and thank her nicely, dear.

Now she’s literally wearing her heart on her waist. A little hot pink rhinestone one. On metallic pink belt.

Bottoms Up 4 Kids has these darling slide-off buckles that you can interchange with additional belts. They’re mix-and-matchy for interchangeable styles for kids 1 to 14, from tame one-color notions or stripes for classic kids to camo or skull straps for that hard-core playtime. Buy one buckle and a ton of belts and you’ll never question whether they’ll have coordinating styles.

Of course, my little fashionista was drawn to pretty in pink, but there are also monograms, stars, cars, peace signs and various superheros fighting for said peace. If she had seen the butterfly belt with its fluttery love, I think that would have been her top choice.

These have never been my favorite kind of belt buckles. When I was a kid in the ‘80s, the Army supply store was where to get your belts during the “soldier” fashion phase (ID jackets, canteens covers as purses, etc.). The Army belts had these same little silver sliding catches that seemed to require a little work to get a good hold. But the Bottoms Up buckles are so cute and the belts so sparkly that I’m blinded to this issue. Besides she likes it, wearing it over everything from dresses to pants to tutus to PJs. Yes, PJs. And you can see on my face how happy that makes me.

The belts with buckles are available for $15-$25 at Additional belt straps are available for $7.

Hip Accessories for Kids at Bottoms Up 4 Kids {Giveaway}

One of the funnest things about the back-to-school season is shopping for accessories for the kids, those out of the ordinary little punches of color that show off their personality and uniqueness. At Bottoms Up 4 Kids, they understand the importance of fun and color, and have an entire online store dedicated to cool, new accessories for hip youngsters. You can find lunch bags, cool personalized belts and belt buckles, backpacks, hats headbands and more. Check out this super cute Hot Pink Zebra Ruffle Handbag

… or this very hip Silver Retro Radio Purse!

Luke recently received one of their adorable animal backpacks to review. They have several animals including a duck, elephant, and coming soon… a penguin. Luke chose the Turtle Backpack.

These toddler-sized backpacks are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who attend daycare or preschool. They have two zipper pockets, and Luke’s has recently been holding an entire change of clothes (since we have been potty-training), and his cup, and a snack! It’s lightweight and would probably fit a child up to 5 or 6 years old. We have the straps all the way cinched up for Luke and it definitely has some growing room. The cute embellishments make it the perfect backpack for Luke, and with the different animal options, you are sure to find one that your child loves. The animal backpacks retail for $24.00. Find these and a slew of other fabulous children’s accessories at

Win It:

One lucky reader will win one item from Bottoms Up 4 Kids up to $35 in value (excludes the 3D backpacks)! For your first required entry, just swing on over to Bottoms Up 4 Kids and leave a comment below telling me what your favorite belt buckle is! All entries must be received by 11:59 PM EST on August 15th.

Bottoms Up 4 Kids Review & Giveaway

I love shopping for clothes for my kids. I don't think I ever go into a store without at least browsing through the children's section. I hate buying pants though. Children vary so widely in sizes that it can be really difficult to find something that fits right. The pants might be the perfect length but then be too big around the middle. I've discovered an accessory that helps solve that problem: Bottoms Up 4 Kids. These adjustable belts are not only adorable, they're very functional! Bottoms Up Belts come in a large variety of colors and patterns of both the strap and the buckle. The buckles and straps are interchangeable making them quite versatile. Available in sizes 1 year through 14 years, Bottoms Up Belts help prevent pants or shorts from sagging or slipping down where they don't belong.

Straps are available in solids, stripes, metallic and prints while the buckles come in block letters, engraved fonts, glitter, novelty monograms, rhinestone hearts and shapes & designs. As you can see, there's a Bottoms Up belt for just about any outfit!

We selected the blue glitter belt with silver rhinestone heart buckle. That's my daughter in the picture above. She loves the belt, and so do I! It's really easy to buckle and adjust and it keeps her pants where they should be. Plus, I think it looks adorable. Bottoms Up belts are affordable with prices starting at $15. My favorite thing about Bottoms Up belts is that they are interchangeable. It's fun to mix and match to get the look you want. These belts aren't just for girls either. There's a wide selection of boys styles available too, like camo and skull & cross bones. My son would go crazy over the skull one!

How do you deal with sizing issues on pants? I can't be the only mom out there that has trouble finding pants that fit right. I've found my solution- Bottoms Up Belts!

We are giving away one Bottoms Up 4 Kids belt (strap + buckle) plus two additional straps to one lucky winner. Enter the giveaway by filling out the form below. Please "like” Bottoms Up 4 Kids on Facebook for more information and to gain an extra entry into this giveaway. Also, be sure to check out all of our other giveaways.
This giveaway is open until July 17, 2011 at 11:59 pm CST to U.S residents.

Please leave your name, address, email and answers to the questions (if any) in the form below. This is required for initial entry. Extra entries are optional. For more information on how to enter our giveaways, please see our contest guidelines page. There you'll find options for extra entries, rules, etc.

Your information is confidential and used for contacting the winner and prize fulfillment purposes only.

Bazaar Feature: BottomsUp4Kids

by Amy Impellizzeri

Dara Evans doesn’t have a college degree in fashion but she learned all about the fashion industry by working for her parents’ ladies sportswear company. After having her son a few years ago, she started her own company, BottomsUp4Kids, with a signature product of interchangeable children’s belts.

Now Dara is a successful business owner but she says the biggest challenge in starting her own business was "having to do EVERYTHING from designing, producing, promoting, customer service, sales and invoicing." But all her hard work has paid off and Dara says she has "just hired my first assistant to help with accounting, my biggest weakness."

Like other entrepreneurs with small children, Dara appreciates the juggle between the business and her family, saying "When you love what you do, you somehow manage the commitments. Prioritizing tasks is key, and never losing sight that family comes first. Also, [I am] blessed with a son who has always been able to entertain himself. He used to sit next to me and play while I made belts. Now he asks to make his own!!"

Dara agrees with many of the entrepreneurs we speak to - particularly mom entrepreneurs – who find the community of entrepreneurs very supportive. As Dara says, "Mothers that open children’s stores are very supportive! They are my biggest fans!"

When asked if she has any tips for entrepreneurs starting out, Dara is emphatic on two points – first the value of online social networking and also to "start VERY small and don't give up! Finding your niche is key to finding the best way to market your business."

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Accessories hit the munchkin set courtesy of Bottoms Up 4 Kids' cute, colorful interchangeable belts. Choose your buckle - think letters, shapes and patterns - and pair with the patterns of your choice - stripes, metalilics and prints. Buckles easily slip on and off the belts to match outfits or munchkin moods. $15-$20 at

Giveaway: Bottoms Up 4 Kids – Belts, Straps, Backpacks, Fashion Accessories

bottoms-up-boys-beltsBottomsUp4Kids creates fun fashion accessories for children. The products include belts, hats, backpacks, lunch bags, bracelets, and purses. The variety of kids belts and accessories is fantastic and the prices are very reasonable.

There is a huge assortment of different style belts to choose from. There are belts for boys, belts for girls, and many gender neutral belts. The one thing they have in common is that they are all strikingly stylish.

bottoms-up-belts-girlsNo matter what type of personality a child has, there is a belt to match it at Bottoms Up 4 Kids. Since a belt is something that is worn almost every day, it is important to have one that is cool and modern.

Getting several belts for different occasions is a great idea. Some situations call for flamboyant accessories while others demand that an outfit remain subdued. Bottoms Up 4 Kids has over 60 belts ranging from staid solids to patterns with pizzazz. An assortment of these kids belts would make it possible to choose a belt according to outfit, situation, or mood.

bottomsup-derby-hat_03Besides kids belts and belt buckles, other items that BottomsUp4Kids offer include hats and handbags for toddler to tween girls. Most of the items would be wonderful year round, but a few would be especially great for Easter. The hat on the left is only one of many girls hats that would be perfect for a traditional Easter outing. This hat would look absolutely adorable when paired with a pretty Easter dress or a nice sundress. A proper handbag and shoes would take a child from cute to chic all spring and summer long.

bottomsup-black_retro_radio_purseThere are several handbags that would match the hat above, but if I had a little girl, I would prefer to buy her a retro radio purse that would look cool with any outfit. This handbag is playful, trendy, and is available in three colors.

Since both of my children are boys, I was more interested in the animal backpacks and cute lunch bags, bottomsup-turtle_backpackthan girls hats and handbags. One of my favorite backpacks is the turtle backpack, mostly because my wife loves turtles.

Besides the turtle backpack, Bottoms Up 4 Kids offers a very cute yellow duck, a pink bunny rabbit, and two other friendly creature backpacks.

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