nce upon of time in the land of high fashion there was a little girl named Dara who loved to make clothes. She would tell her mother what fabrics and colors to use, where to sew the buttons and how long to make the dress. When finished and thoroughly satisfied with every detail she would get all dressed up. Each outfit was completed with a pair of her mother's heels.

As she grew, she continued to create things always wanting to be like her mother- a fashion designer. After 4 years of extensive college traveling she worked for her parents ladies sportswear company. It was there she learned the garment business. She designed her own line of trendy shirts and accessories called Dara Z. Her inspirations always came from her vintage findings which turned into an eBay obsession which soon became her next career.

In 2008, Dara gave birth to a baby boy named Asher. As soon as he outgrew his first layette Dara dressed him like a "little man," always wearing bottoms with belt loops and shirts tucked in. To complete the fashion statement a belt was a big necessity, and that is how Bottoms Up 4 Kids came to be.

Asher still loves wearing his belts. While they add style to every outfit they also keep his pants from falling down!!

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